Banners (ongoing)
Along with the photo projects, the Condé and Beveridge have undertaken a number of banner commissions and design jobs for various unions. The first banner was made for the Energy, Chemical Workers Union (ECWU) (now part of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) in 1990.

The designs and production are based on the tradition of trade union banner making that existed in 19th century Canada and still exists in Britain, Australia and New Zealand today.

The banners have won several awards at the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) conventions and have been exhibited internationally. On average, the banners measure 5′ x 6′. They are made of various fabrics with painted sections.

They usually have images on both sides and can be carried in parades and demonstrations as well as hung in union halls and at conventions. They require rigging for both hanging and carrying.